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Pricing policy for out-of-hours services

At Nortech, our regular service hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, excluding public holidays. We understand that urgent needs may arise outside these times. Although Nortech does not guarantee the availability of services outside normal business hours, we strive to respond to urgent requests under the following conditions:

Out-of-hours working conditions

  • Technician availability: The availability of a technician outside normal business hours is not guaranteed. Acceptance of a service request implies that the customer understands and accepts that a technician may or may not be available to handle the call.
  • Management of unassigned calls: If no technician is immediately available, the request will remain active until the next working day. However, if a technician becomes available earlier, he will contact the customer to intervene.

Pricing for out-of-hours services

Fees for services rendered outside normal business hours are subject to specific conditions:

  • Minimum billing: A minimum billing of 4 hours is applied, based on Nortech’s hourly rate according to the current year’s price list.
  • Charges after 2 hours: After the first two hours of actual work, subsequent hours will be billed at double the normal hourly rate.
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