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Camera Systems at Nortech: Visual Security Mastered from A to Z

In today’s security world, effective surveillance is essential to protect your business, your assets and your employees. At Nortech, we’ve perfected the art of camera surveillance by integrating every step of the process, ensuring a seamless, reliable solution tailored to your needs.

Custom software

Our expertise is not limited to the physical installation of cameras. We ensure that every system is supported by powerful, intuitive software tailored to your specific needs, giving you complete control over your monitoring.

Configured mobile applications

Surveillance doesn’t stop at your premises. With Nortech, access your cameras in real time, wherever you are, thanks to mobile applications perfectly configured for your devices.

Optimum camera server

The quality of a camera system depends on the strength of its server. We set up and configure dedicated servers to guarantee optimum performance, secure storage and seamless accessibility.

Professional installation and wiring

Setting up a camera system is a delicate job requiring precision and expertise. From selecting the optimum locations to careful wiring, we ensure impeccable installation for uninterrupted monitoring.

Switch management and POE power supply

The power and connectivity of your cameras are essential. We take care of switch management and ensure a constant POE (Power Over Ethernet) supply to guarantee uninterrupted operation of each camera.

Predicting view angles with drones

Each space is unique. To give you a clear view of the proposed surveillance coverage, we use drones to simulate exterior viewing angles. This not only enables precise planning, but also gives the customer a concrete visualization of the range of each camera.

The Nortech Promise:

Our mission is clear: to offer a complete, integrated camera surveillance solution. The Nortech commitment means peace of mind, the certainty of a reliable system, and the assurance of a team of experts dedicated to every stage of your project.

With Nortech, your visual safety is in expert hands, from the first click to the last cable.

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