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Backups at Nortech: The Guarantee of Protected and Accessible Data

In today’s digital world, data is the beating heart of every business. Their loss or compromise can have disastrous consequences. At Nortech, we understand these challenges and offer you modern, reliable backup solutions adapted to the changing reality of data management.

Workstation backup

Every workstation is a reservoir of valuable information. We make sure that every document, every file, on every machine, is securely backed up, so you can easily retrieve it when you need it.

Server backup

Servers are the core of your operations. Our solutions guarantee a complete and regular copy of their contents, preserving the integrity of your applications, databases and all your essential content.

Office 365 environments

Beyond traditional files, solutions like Office 365, email, SharePoint and other cloud services have become crucial for businesses. We offer complete backup of these environments, ensuring the continuity of your communications and collaborations.

Anti-theft and anti-ransomware protection

In the face of the growing threat of cyberattacks, our solutions are designed to offer enhanced protection. In addition to regular backups, our systems detect and neutralize attempts at theft or malicious encryption, protecting your data against ransomware.

Scalable solutions

As data volumes and business needs evolve, so do our backup solutions. No matter how your business grows, we ensure your information is protected.

Flexible retention options

Every company is unique, as are its data retention needs. We offer a variety of retention options, allowing you to choose the length of time your backups are stored according to your specific requirements.

The Nortech promise

Our commitment is not limited to providing backup tools. We are your partner in protecting your digital assets. With constantly renewed expertise and a constant technology watch, we ensure that your data is not only safeguarded, but also accessible, secure and ready to support your future ambitions.

With Nortech, give your data the modern, robust protection it deserves.

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